​​The James River in Virginia is nationally recognized as a trophy fishery for Blue Catfish. Blue Catfish in the James have been caught over 100 pounds and fish over 30 pounds are common. These are a powerful fun fish to catch that will give you a big fight then leave you tired and wanting more. They are also great to eat we only keep fish less than 10 pounds.

The James River has much to offer. The river and the area along its banks are full of history including the beginnings of our great nation, Civil War history, and several plantation homes (up to 400 years old) can be viewed from the water. The James is also a hotspot for the return of the Atlantic Sturgeon “the fish that saved Jamestown”, a protected species once almost fished to extinction. This is an impressive fish, capable of growing up to 14 feet long, making a comeback and especially in the James River. They can be seen leaping from the water during spring and fall and it is a thrilling experience. Bald Eagles are numerous around the river and are another example of the many unique sights that will leave you in awe.

​A trip can provide great experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Book with us for an unforgettable experience on the James River where history, beautiful scenery, and big fish abound. Contact Captain Jacob at 540-894-6789 or TidalObsession@gmail.com.